Buenos Aires, Argentina 13/09/2021


The IUCN is the world's largest event on biodiversity conservation and Fundación Temaikèn led two satellite events that reunited local leaders and work collaboratively and interdisciplinary on the conservation of endangered native species. In 2020, the organization signed an agreement to develop Argentina's first IUCN SSC Species Survival Centre.

Fundación Temaikèn hosted 2 satellite events in Argentina as part of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) World Conservation Congress held in Marseille, France, from 3rd to 11th September. The local meetings  were held in an interdisciplinary working and roundtable format, both Buenos Aires and Misiones provinces.  With the purpose of a collaborative approach towards the conservation of endangered species in Argentina, they involved the participation of almost 80 stakeholders, including government agencies, ministerial officials and legislators, scientists and academic organizations, civil society conservation organizations and tourism enterprises.

The meetings’ final conclusions nest on the agreement among multiple parts on the  importance of continuing and revaluing the contribution to ex situ conservation as part of a comprehensive approach to species conservation. Likewise, the need for immediate management of some valuable species was highlighted and the articulation of civil society organizations with the State, taking into account the alignment of national, provincial and municipal policies, ex situ management through the cultivation of threatened species in the Misiones area as well as continuing with the management of invasive alien species.

Temaikèn Foundation has been working for more than 20 years in biodiversity conservation projects, with the aim of achieving the health of species and ecosystems so that all living beings can coexist harmoniously on our planet.

To achieve the recovery of species and the conservation and restoration of ecosystems, the organization works both ex situ - in the facilities of its Biopark and its Species Recovery Centre located in Escobar, Buenos Aires - and in natural areas.    

In December 2020 Temaikèn sealed an innovative partnership with the IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC), a renowned global conservation organization, to establish a Species Survival Centre in Argentina, which will be located at the Foundation's facilities in Escobar, Buenos Aires. This centre will act as a regional support node for the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, conservation planning under IUCN models and mobilization of actions for species recovery, supporting thousands of IUCN-SSC experts and also for the articulation of actors and stakeholders.

In Argentina, some 200 threatened species of flora and fauna are recognised, of which about 65 are endangered or critically endangered (such as the yellow cardinal, the Maned Wolf, the Brown Howler Monkey, the Tapir and some species of sharks, among others).  It is time to act for their conservation, and work in the field is not the only alternative. The Species Survival Centre CSE-UICN-Fundación Temaikèn will improve the scope and capacity for the conservation of species, strengthening the role of the Biopark as a space where efforts for the protection of biodiversity converge. 

The endemic vascular plants found in Misiones are unique in the world and in danger of extinction. Their conservation problems highlight the environmental value of the relict of Cerrado in San Ignacio. There are 19 endemic species in the department. Of these, there are 8 that are exclusively in the locality of San Ignacio, making its department actually the richest in endemic vascular plants of the region.


The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is a membership Union composed of sovereign States, government agencies and civil society organizations. Created in 1948, it has become the world's largest and most diverse environmental network, with 1,400 Member organizations and input from more than 13,000 experts. IUCN is the global authority on the state of nature and natural resources and the measures needed to protect them. The IUCN World Conservation Congress is celebrated every four years and is the world's largest forum for environmental decision-making. At each edition, scientists, policy experts, business leaders and professionals from around the world share experiences, innovation and the latest research in conservation and sustainable development. Fundación Temaikèn is proud to be the Argentinean host of two satellite events of this great event for the global conservation community.


About Temaikèn Foundation

Fundación Temaikèn is an internationally recognized Argentinian NGO dedicated to biodiversity conservation for more than 20 years. With the vision that "all living beings coexist harmoniously on the planet", it works under three strategic pillars: the Natural Protected Areas from the Osununú Nature Reserve, the Temaikèn Biopark and the Species Recovery Centre. Strong alliances with public organisms and relevant environmental organisations and memberships in international associations allow Fundación Temaikèn to fulfil its mission of "Protecting Nature Together", working with different sectors of society for the conservation and health of species and ecosystems.

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